When have you realized it would be possible you could win this Scudetto? 
“From the beginning: I felt a particular air. In June at Buffon’s wedding some of his friends asked me if I was crazy for leaving AC Milan, I answered that when I moved, I’ve done it in order to win. And I said that we will win the Scudetto. Now they thank me because they went to bet on our triumph … “. 

Do you remember the first words with Conte? 
“I was in the National Team, he has just signed his contract. He called me to introduce himself and surprise me: we still had to do the holidays and he was already loaded. It was a nice call. ” 

Conte was a pleasant surprise? 
“He’s a great coach. I’ve had them many, but none quite so meticulous in his work and good at explaining things. From the tactical point of view and teaching is even better than Ancelotti and Lippi, who also have many qualities. Prepares well the games, we study the videos of opponents 3-4 times a week and when we go on the field hardly something can be surprising. Conte is a talent on the bench. “

Does he have an obsession? 
“He wants the midfielders tight to avoid passages between the lines.” 

The initial 4-2-4 seemed a gamble? 
“For me it did not change much, however I enjoyed that module. Then Conte chose other roads: it is a sign of greatness to know how to change your ideas. The module with three central midfielders is best suited to the team, has made us more aggressive. Conte talks a lot with us, confronts us. ” 

Which was the secret? 
“The work and the desire to achieve this objective in silence.” 

The work counts more then the talent? 
“No, the talent comes first and must be cultivated with the work. If you do not have it you can work all day but will not come out. ” 

Among the winning teams in which you have played, where would you place this Juve? 
“Among the strongest in mentality, pride and desire to impose their game.” 

How would this Juve manage the Champions League? 
“We can play, just for the kind of football we do. Serves some graft, but we are ready. On Tuesday and Wednesday left us with a bitter taste in the mouth because we wanted to confront the biggest in Europe. Now we are there. ” 

The numbers say that you had never played so much and well. It is the best season of his career? 
“I do not know. Maybe staying in the same team for years has always given everything for granted, but this season the novelty effect has made me appreciate more. ” 

In Trieste, you’ve cried. 
“Tears of joy, the victory was beautiful and intensely desired. I really wanted. As I cried I embraced Buffon: Since last summer, we talked about this title. ”  

When Milan was flying to +4 because of all those draws, didn’t you fear of failing? 
“No, I was disappointed because I thought we would win big and instead had to settle for winning”. 

You do not want to stop, ever. The next year, with the Champions, will you settle for a little turnover? 
“We’ll see … I want to play … always. ” 

Is it true that you feel twice the strength in the legs? 
“It’s hard to quantify, but certainly I’m fine. Our secret was athletic preparation, I had never worked so much in training-camp and also during the week. ” 

According to Buffon, Pirlo is more decisive than Ibrahimovic. 
“I thank him… But we have different roles: he scores goals, I build them. ” 

With the penalties what are you going to do? 
“I will still take them, no problem.” 

In Milanello the victim of his jokes was Gattuso. And at Vinovo? 
“Matri: he is the main target.” 

You wanted the number 21 here also. At Juve, Zidane had worn this number. 
“I could not change the number. My father Luigi was born on 21, I got married on 21, what was the number of bells in Milan and even of the house in Turin. ” 

Andrea, is it rewarding to see that in difficult times your teammates seek to entrust you the ball? 
“It’s a nice feeling, but do not think that they can choose. It is mandatory that they give me the ball. I always want it. ” 

source: GdS (by G.B. Olivero)
adapted by: Mike Prise