We talked about it so much in the last twenty-four hours, but maybe it’s only right to take a step forward and ask whether it is the case that Juventus asks UEFA for an investigation of what happened in Istanbul. Here we are not in front of the suspects, but there are pictures that speak for themselves. Images transmitted and commented to perfection by Sky Sports colleague Eleanor Serra, in a service that TuttoJuve.com transcribed with a lot of photos from  Sky:

“In addition to the difficult weather conditions and doubts about the functioning of serpines around the field, there is still something that we need to clarify. Tuesday night, suspended game, is expected recovery and match officials in the tunnel are going to decide. Meanwhile, the workers in the field sweep to perfection the area on the left, one in which the eventual recovery Galatasaray would attack, while on the right is limited to sweep the lines. Quite a difference, but with the postponement of the game turned out to be useless (here is the photo) ….


But only for a few hours. Because Wednesday as the recovery happens even worse: it’s 12:40, there are less than two hours beginning of the game, and while on the right side of the field, the snow is gently blown away by these operators (photo here …) …


the left side …. is ruined by the passage of tractors and filled the grooves with the blades …. (photo here …) …


Obviously that is where the Galatasaray will attack for the few remaining 15 minutes of the first half. And Juve for over 45 of the second. An advantage that can not be considered voluntary, already last year the Turkish club had been reported to UEFA by the coach of Cluj: under a tremendous deluge, in fact, even in that case, the field was in poor conditionbut for one of the two teams a little ‘more. In fact, in the interval, the workers were busy only to clean the part where Galatasaray was attacking, leaving the other team in the hands of the  destiny (photo here …) …


It’s easy in these cases, given the results, to be accused of excess of recrimination or worse of whining. The grass always looks greener, especially if you play against Galatasaray, “ said Eleanor Serra in her service.

Unequivocal Images, that demonstrate how the Galatasaray has deliberately “sabotaged” the playing field where Juventus was supposed to attack. And since there is already a precedent, it is not an isolated case, it would be advisable that we go at the bottom of this story. Just as one should also investigate the use (or non-use) of the heating serpentine. Because losing is fine, but not going out as suckers.

source: tuttojuve.com