The alarm was useless this morning, because the Bianconeri woke up early due to the jet lag and immediately start their first day in Philadelphia.
At 9.15am, the team left the hotel towards the Novacare Complex, the modern training center of Philadelphia Eagles, the American football professional team of the independence city. After some time spent at the well suited gym, the group entered the field to sustain their training session. This pitch wasn’t completely new, as yesterday night Conte’s men had the chance of getting familiar therewith thanks to a light fitness training.

The session occurred this morning, however, was more intense, despite the hot weather and the high humidity rate. The Bianconeri dealt with several running exercises, as well as with a series of fast passages and an aerobic session with the ball. Tactics was the basis of the training in the first part of the morning, then the team was split into two groups: the first dealt with an exercise of ball possession, while the second played a 7-sided game which closed the training session.

In the afternoon, the Bianconeri will sustain their second training session at 5.00pm at the Novacare Complex.