ROME, Aug. 8, 2012 – Tomorrow is a day of contrasts for Juve: will lose Conte for ten months (at least in the first degree), but rediscovers Bonucci and Pepe already for the Super Cup on Saturday. The attack of lawyers of Bonucci and Pepe, the fragility of the system accusing amply by the federal prosecutor Stefano Palazzi (interrupts the defenses to propose himself plea bargains more convenient for the parties) would have convinced the Disciplinary that on Udinese – Bari there are insufficient evidence to accept the request of the Public Prosecutor. In simple terms we arrive at the acquittal for Leonardo Bonucci, Simone Pepe, Salvatore Masiello and Nicola Belmonte. Despite the demands were heavy: four years to Belmonte, three years and six months for Bonucci and Salvatore Masiello, one year for Pepe, 50 000 euro for Udinese. 
The repented Everything hinges on the credibility that the Disciplinary gave the admissions of several repented. Surely the declarations of Filippo Carobbio and Carlo Gervasoni are credible ( they already said Disciplinary and the Federal Court of Justice), that of Andrea Masiello are still “under review”. And the the ordinary judiciary did not confide much of his statements, so that has been arrested and also after had made ​​statements in Cremona in Bari The contradictions shown in its various hearings were highlighted by the defenders of Bonucci and Pepe (but also by Luciano Malagnini for Salvatore Masiello).

The position of Conte Precisely for this the position of coach of Juventus, Antonio Conte, for the facts when he sat on the bench of Siena, is different. This time the declarations of ​​Carobbio made the watershed. The federal prosecutors had considered the arguments presented by Juventus coach hardly credible, though he eventually accepted the proposal of the defense of Conte for a plea agreement to three months and 200 000 euro fine. “Incongruous” the Disciplinary had considered the disqualification. And here came the saga of errors. For Juventus would have been enough to raise the bar a little early (four months), a little more after the violent controversy (five months), but eventually it was confrontation. Palazzi is back as the grand inquisitor and asked 15 months, the Disciplinary, with wisdom and extent, have recalibrated to ten months. Starting from the same demands of Palazzi (six months for failure to complaint and no one understood why had become one year) compounded by a continuation and the role of coach. Perhaps this is why Angelo Alessio would stop at nine months.

Appeal Tomorrow morning we will have the official confirmation, the defenses will have five days time (two for memoirs, two the replicas, one for counterclaims) to prepare. Then 17 the Federal Court of Justice in united sections (President Gerardo Mastrandrea) will examine the cards and on Monday 20 we will return in the courtroom for appeals. The devices should arrive before 23. Further on (at least 15-20 days) for the reasons even though everyone will have recourse to the TNAs of Coni. 

 Source: GdS (article by Maurizio Galdi)

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