Everything is Ok! Don’t worry!
With anticipation of the long interview that will air on Saturday in a long pregame with Sky the satellite broadcaster has sent in the evening an important broadcast excerpt of the interview produced by Federico Ferri to Pavel Nedved. The former Juventus champion and now a member of Juventus board has ranged between various issues raised in these days: 

“Compared to the past, everything has changed, from the president until the last warehouseman. We have made great changes and are working to bring Juve where was before, namely winning. On Conte I was sure he would be good but actually did better than what I thought, we did not take a coach but a champion and you can see from his daily work. 

The absence of Ibra? Zlatan shifts the balance of any team, regret he is missing especially for the show and the audience who deserves that there are the best actors. Protests on referees? Our strategy is not a conditioning strategy or to put the hands forward, we do not want any favors, but we ask the same treatment as other teams. I can judge these things because I also lived in the field and the feeling is that the referees after 2006 are affected by those events, is sufficient to see us have given very few penalties. Juve is back beeing unpleasant? I hope so, I do not care about being nice but only to be successful. ” 

adapted by: Mike Prise