Paulo Dybala, interviewed by the Spanish transmission El Chiringuito de Jugones. “Barcelona have the best players in the world right now and there is no other team in the attack at their level”.

The 22 year old from Laguna Larga, who admires his compatriot and Barcelona, Lionel Messi, tells speaking of his origins: “I come from a very humble village, from where it is not easy to emerge. When my father died I was twelve, unfortunately did not had time to see everything that has happened to me. He is no longer with me and this saddens me, but maybe losing my father so quickly helped me to mature and grow.”

Then Juve, a big point of arrival: “Getting at such an important club was a dream – confessed Dybala – a major leap in my career. But I can not relax, when you play in a club like Juve you do not have the time to do it. “

The number 21 also spoke of Juventus teammate and department, Morata: “He is a great person, a friend. He wrote me of messages before arriving at Juventus, we have a good relationship. I tease him because in a Juve -Palermo imprinted me a very strong kick, but it was a foul play. I always tell him that one day, sooner or later, I’ll give it back “.

Of Dybala, Messi said he would be his worthy successor. And the Juventus player responded, flattered: “I am proud of this, I’m working very well and I have to follow this path. When I was in the National, he was injured and we did not cross. If all goes well, I’ll meet him later. Who will win the Champions League? It’s a discourse between Barcelona and Bayern Munchen”.