Paul Pogba, physique (monstrous) of a twenty-two year old,  head and maturity of a Champion of 40 years. Although he has the world at his feet, with teams that would literally do anything for having him in their team, the young phenomenon does not lose sight of his goals. Here are the important parts of his interview with “La Stampa”.

RECOVERED FORM – “After the injury I struggled to recover. I have recovered and now I feel much better than the first three games. I am ready to give my contribution in the field. “

CHAMPIONS DREAM – “I always dreamed of playing the Champions League final, since I was a child. I am very happy to play it with Juventus, I have no regrets. “

STOP BARCA – “To win will serve a little luck. In a game like this one you never know what can happen: a red card or a penalty can change the match. “

BIANCONERE  WEAPONS – “We have to be aggressive and have luck. We will give everything. It is a final, you never know what can happen. “

MESSI – “Messi is Messi. Today is the best player in the world in the best team in the world. What I like the most of Barca? How they play, it’s nice to see them play. But I’d like the most to see them lose in Berlin on Saturday. “