Not the best of the years for the Re Leone Llorente.
Not the best of the years for the Re Leone Llorente.

“Juve, the aim is the Treble” after  a few days “Juve choc at Parma”.
From we will win everything to will all die, the step is really short.
The balance, we know, it is complicated to find.

Parma wanted to greet the Serie A with the scalp of the great – and Juventus is the number one rival of the Ducal – and it has been obtained. The Bianconeri with the head and the soul already at Monaco. Football is simple. The focus, determination, concentration are the classic conditions necessary but not sufficient to win games. Then there are the technical and tactical factors. And the players.

With Empoli had not played in a so much more different, but there were Tevez and … The profound involution of Llorente makes the Spanish striker now harmless, while Coman is still immature. We wanted someone who was evil in the area: the two were not. It took just adistraction, a lost ball, a return not made to take the goal. The reaction was not there. When matches are difficult is difficult getting back just with a switch. Turnover, the exalted strength of the group just four days ago now become the cause of a resounding defeat rightly so defined.

Having 14 points ahead lets go through some misstep. Tuesday the first round with Monaco: the ability to center the semi-final is more important than a misstep. We turn the page quickly with the hope of reversing what happened last year between Sassuolo and Benfica. Although losing is always bad.

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