Paul Aghemo, problems for Shanghai, Drogba may leave. There is hope for Juve? 
“Drogba is almost impossible for the time frame of the operation. Must terminate a contract that has a thousand loopholes, so it’s complicated. Then must agree with Juventus. With contracts like that of Drogba, there are many aspects to take into account, at which point the player even if he would not be able to be registered in time. ” 
Can someone come from Cardozo, Llorente or Jovetic? 
“Beyond the names the speech to make is that the top player, aimed at the economic level and of engagement I do not think will come. Because it is one thing to with be able to do the deal, but some figures do not fall within the parameters of Juve. If someone comes and I mean he will be a good player but not top player, then an alternative, perhaps the return of Borriello or at least a similar player, which includes an reduced economic cost, perhaps a loan with right of redemption and with a content wage”. 

 extracted from an interview for source:

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS