19:00 – Also for today, the trial ended. It starts tomorrow with the case Udinese-Bari, we must pay close attention to interventions of Chiappero and Bianchi, lawyers of Pepe and Bonucci.

16:30 – The federal prosecutor crush the hand with Pepe and Bonucci: Bellavista 9 months continuously; Belmonte 4 years disqualification; Bentivoglio 3 years and 6 months, Bonucci 3 years and six months, S. Masiello 3 years and 6 months, Pepe 1 year.
11:20 – Long meeting of the college who is still in closed session. Meanwhile Andrea Agnelli arrived at Vinovo to support the technical team and the players.
09:45 – Sky confirms: “For Leonardo Bonucci and Simone Pepe Juventus should not resort to the plea agreement – explains the colleague Dario Nicolini -. We will then, in this case, to the trial and before considering any further reduction, perhaps with regard to the position of the defender: downgrade it from illegal sports to omitted denunciation, punishable from 6 months to a year. failure to Report which could then possibly be the negotiated and then reduced to 2-3 months of disqualification. ” 
09:30 – Everything is ready, few fans outside today 

 source: tuttojuve.com

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