Wouldn’t they look great in Black-White? 

TURIN, March 30, 2012 – The hunt for the top player it is also, if not primarily, a matter of money. Because we will soon put in the same boat Robin Van Persie, Gonzalo Higuain and so on, but for those who buy there may also be differences in the tens of millions between a player and the other between the cost of the card and wages. This according to age, the contractual situation of the moment, relations between the top players in question and its clubs. 

HUNDRED MILLION In Juve are well aware, not have met four times Carlos Tevez and Kia Joorabchian his agent for quibble about what is best from the asado and roast. Each new appointment has served for coming towards, to seek a balance that would enable the operation. In fact, talking about Tevez in black and white jersey is part of the plausible, although there are no certainties yet. Plausible for the impossible living between the Argentine and Roberto Mancini. In fact, if should blow the after this season technician Jesi everything could change. At present, however, Tevez in Manchester is an unwanted and those who seek him can take advantage. The operation, assuming a four-year, is around 100 million euros. Twenty abundant for City and almost 10 net at year (gross doubling) for the Argentine. 

A PEPITA FOR 80 Higuain costs far more than fellow at card-level, 35 million (but perhaps not enough to convince Real). In contrast to the level of wage El Pipita can be satisfied with 5 million net per season plus bonus tied to the results. Again we are assuming a four-year to around 83 million. So in itself Higuain it would be cheaper than Tevez, but tear the yes of Florentino Perez and the same player, used with great frequency by Mourinho in recent weeks, there won’t be a walk in the park. 

UNDER THE 80 The fact that Arjen Robben has so far refused to extend the contract with Bayern expiring in June next year, intrigues Juve. The priority for Juventus is to purchase a striker, but the idea to take the phenomenal Dutch…. The very condition of contract changes price card of around 20 to 23 million, to raise claims of the player to no less than 6-7 million per season. In total, we are therefore a low investment of 80 million spread over four years. 

BOMBER PAYMENT Atletico Madrid last year spend 40 million to buy Radamel Falcao from Porto, but is now in the position of having to give up because objective economic difficulties. This guarantee at least in Spain. The Colombian has confirmed in Ligahis excellent construction capabilities, to the point of entering the viewfinder of City. Juve meanwhile followed him a year ago and has certainly not stopped doing it in recent months. The price tag in this case, stood at 45 million, the wage may be enough 5 net . In total, however, we are at least 85 million for the usual four year. 

ALLA TEVEZ … Similar situation as Apache for Luis Alberto Suarez: What happened with Patrice Evra (insults, refusal to shake hands) did not contribute to an increase in the popularity of the player in the English club. A sale, therefore, is not to be excluded. Well at reasonable prices, however. Less simple, however, could be persuaded to accept the player parameters of wage milder of the 4 million plus bonus season that is currently perceived. 

THE AFTER DEL PIERO Finally Jovetic hypothesis, the most affordable economically, although equally intriguing technically. In Montenegrin contract there are no clauses therefore Juventus should find an agreement with Fiorentina market evaluation of the attacker is around share 25 million euros (toh, those that were spent to buy Felipe Melo). However, given the fierce rivalry between the centers, it is possible that at viola home they claim a so-called indispensable-bid. As for the wage of Jovetic, however, the parameters are more low-cost: possible at least the first years, to be under 3 Million. 

source: Tuttosport (by Lovato-Riva) 
adapted by: Mike Prise

Considering the Full Costs of the Players, who would you buy?