This letter does not have only one addressee, it has several. I do not want to make names, because I realize how annoying, and even in the picture I decided to show who he has already gone.

But the fact is quite simple: some of you are not part of the plans of the Club.

The coach, and a man of great heart, made ​​you realize that rather than playing you, would take in the field the Primavera. There is a contract between, it is true, and we’ve learned thanks to the threats of a strike in progress, that for you players is something very important, perhaps because those who struggle for numbers with three zeros less than yours. Populism, demagoguery? Let’s get back to us.

What we ask is that you go play somewhere else, not give back what belongs to you or stop by the football world. Choose a little you where to go, possibly with a minimum of recognition for a company that for several years there has handsomely kept you without receiving the expected gain, because your performance has been, either because of injuries of any kind, either for technical placements-reviewable tactics, or simply bad luck, disastrous.

There is a dangerous precedent that I think you want to redo: Tiago. The gentleman in question was able to go where he wanted at the conditions that prompted him. But you really have reduced so low? You really are willing to prostitute yourselves at this point? Your desire for revenge is not such as to ensure that you are also willing to halve the engagement to show that you were right, and you are not finished players? You prefer to live at separated home and hated by the entire Juventus universe? In this case you have been actually in the club only by chance, you gave nothing and nothing you have absorbed, except your salary, of course.

A few years ago, when farsopoli had not yet changed the balance of world football, you should come across a certain Mr Moggi, who rather than submit to these things, he would have made you play in the garden of the Agnelli family for the amusement of the Advocate. In the face of bullying. So, our dear sirs, do really something for this shirt, which will be worth more than what you actually did on the field, go play elsewhere, and allow the New Juve to born without dead branches.

by:Iacopo Fruganti
adapted by: Mike Prise