Players are not all equal: in the history of Juventus is a man who has been a symbol, a legend, for nineteen years. Exactly one year ago, Alex Del Piero left his Juventus permanently, in Rome, after a defeat in the final of the Italian Cup. Like him, no one: the bigest, a huge man, a  infinite Champion. A life in black and white, a love for a shirt that will never end.

A faithful captain, a unparalleled man: intelligent, respectful, hardworking. Arrived baby in the most successful team in Italy, was part of a group of champions, has been fighting for his own values​​, defended his shirt in the world. He realized how much things can change quickly, accepted like a gentleman, has adapted even when he should not. He loved his team and put it in front of his glory. He created an unbreakable bond with his people, a relationship that will not be broken by time, which a year later is still very strong. It was close to his Juve on the other side of the world. A fixed and constant presence, in the joys and difficulties.

A captain, still and always.