Premise: I am superstitious at pathological levels , but this time superstition has nothing to do and I put it aside: this is supposed to be a topic of “confession” for each of us, with the hope that someone can send it flying to coach and the guys . 

Thanks to all 

I begin with my thoughts. In these six years, from that cursed July 2006, I suffered (as I think everyone) as a beast for what they have done. Champions, but immediately relegated to Serie B, reviled as criminals. Since then, many were the disappointments, so many failures, so many punches in the face that left their mark, so many tears (often true, not only figured). I felt humiliated, confused, disappointed. I do not hide that I feared that the joys lived up to that time, 25 year old, might be the last. I want the guys and the coach know one thing: 

we want this dream to become reality, and for me (who am not 16, but 31) would be without doubt the most beautiful, great and orgasmic of all, no doubt. We are all proud of you, I say truly with my heart, but we are there, we are within steps away: WE BELIEVE IN IT, WE WANT IT 

Forza ragazzi, there are 14+ million people yelling for you!! 

source:VS; by:AlessandroMagno 
adapted by: Mike Prise