TURIN, October 20, 2014 – Changing to improve and to try to get the most out of away match in Athens. Massimiliano Allegri came out from Mapei Stadium with the certainty that in the Champions League on Wednesday night will need a little more. For this is thinking about some new formation. At risk Pirlo and Llorente, left lily from the evening of Reggio Emilia.

Andrea Rebus. Now that they are all well, the midfield department is the busiest. Pogba has been the best in the Mapei Stadium in Athens and has secured the place. So Pirlo is likely the place, partly because is little functional to the game of  Allegri. The new coach calls for less movement without the ball, so the director is no longer as useful as in the days of Conte. At most Marchisio has done very well as his replacement. For Pirlo would be the first exclusion from eleven holders in UCL since he joined Juventus. With Conte has missed only one game (return with Galatasaray) because of an injury, then the holder has always been both in 2013-14 and in 2012-13. In 15 games has been replaced once (with Celtic at return with the game already been decided).

The time of Morata? The same fate may touch to  Llorente, who at the Mapei Stadium has not shone. More so he fights for couple of weeks with a severe back pain. Morata has skipped Sassuolo for disqualification and impatiently in anticipation of his debut as a starter. Yesterday he made ​​a hat-trick in the practice match and, despite playing much less (91 minutes compared to 634 of Fernando) hit the target against Atalanta, while the Spanish senior is still zero. There will be no change in defense, where men are counted (Barzagli and Caceres still out). Ogbonna is bruised (knock to the ankle) but do not worry, on the left wing will return Asamoah instead of Evra.

Allegri yesterday revised the game and focused mainly on errors. In Athens, Juventus can not afford frivolities, because winning is essential to leave behind Olympiacos.