There were only the signatures on contracts missing that might have sealed the contract renewal of Andrea Pirlo with Juventus. Beppe Marotta had announced less than a month ago, but still had not appeared on the official Juventus official website.

Certainty that arrived today: OFFICIAL Pirlo will be a Juventus player until 2016.

Here is the press release from the official site:

The incredible story of Andrea Pirlo and Juventus is set to continue.
The Professor has renewed his contract with the club, meaning that he will keep wearing the black and white jersey until 30 June 2016.
It was 24 May 2011 when Pirlo was announced as a Juve player. Somewhat prophetically, the playmaker introduced himself to the fans by declaring, “I can’t wait to start winning in these colours. […] I’m sure I can repay the great reception I’ve been given in these first few days by putting in the utmost dedication and hopefully by winning some big prizes too.”

He has been true to his word. Since that day he has guided Juve into the history books. He’s done it in his own way, the discreet, humble champion that he is. A glance at his team-mates and the ball, a calm nod and the magic is unleashed.
A beacon in the centre of the field and a torment for our opponents, with Pirlo pulling the strings Juve have racked up three consecutive league titles and added two Italian Super Cups.
For 131 games Andrea Pirlo has been the fulcrum of the side, the intersection through which every move passes. Six thunderbolts have been released from his foot this season, 14 goals in total. In three years he’s played his team-mates through on goal 30 times, touching the ball at least once for every minute he’s spent on the pitch (11,551 balls played versus his 11,344 minutes in action), with a pass completion rate of over 90%.

Numbers that would read like science fiction for anyone else, but for the Professor it’s simply par for the course. And the lesson’s not over yet…

So OFFICIAL Pirlo will be a Juventus player until 2016.