It was confirmed in 2-degree the disqualification of 10 MONTHS for Antonio Conte, who will use the TNAs of Coni. The salentino technician was acquitted for Novara and Siena, but it was confirmed the accusation Albinoleffe-Siena. Reduced from 8 to 6 months, the conviction of Angelo Alessio. Confirmed the acquittals of Pepe and Bonucci, Belmonte and Salvatore Masiello to Udinese and Bari. 
Also rejected the appeal for Di Vaio and Portanova for Bologna-Bari. Remains acquitted Di Vaio and remain six months for failing to report to Portanova. Confirmed the exclusion of Lecce from Serie B, as it has confirmed the acquittal of Vives. Dismissed the action for Pesoli who was chained beneath the Football Association. The Federal Court of Justice instead has upheld the appeal of Grosseto against exclusion from Serie B, annulling the decision of the specification. The Tuscan club will play in Serie B. 


 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS