15:40 – CONTE DOES NOT BARGAIN! PALAZZI DECLARED INDICMENT. Confirmed the anticipations of Sky.And the request of the prosecutor Palazzi is heavy: 1 year and three-month ban for the two omitted denunciations (one year for the first failure to report and an additional three months for continue). 15 months of disqualification, therefore, requested by the prosecutor against Antonio Conte and Angelo Alessio.

15:00 – It begins again. According to rumors no longer would accept the plea bargain but it would go to trial.

14: 05 – Antonio Conte’s lawyers arrived, lawyer Briamonte is not there yet.

12:30 – According to sources from Turin, the lawyers of  Conte and Juventus have taken a flight from Turin at 12.00, would present themselves in the courtroom, then, to 14.00, the recovery after the break.

11:50Antonio Conte‘s lawyers should arrive at 12.30 in court, but also runs the voice that might not  even appear as a sign of protest. 
09:40 – It begins

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