While TuttoSport refers to a new, upcoming meeting between Juventus and Real Madrid for Alvaro Morata, speaking at Bernabeu Digital the agent Giuseppe Bozzo, who along with Juanma Lopez looks after the interests of the Spanish attacker: “At the moment there is nothing new. Juventus? At this time I can not provide further details. “

In any case, according to Gianluca Di Marzio, Juve is pushing for Alvaro Morata. Bozzo, representing the player for Italy, today flew to Madrid to present the first official offer to Real from Juventus: 12 million euro, a figure that already we had anticipated a few days ago and that today Juventus formalized. Steps official, Juve are serious about Morata. “

The negotiations, however, would be destined to go for long: the distance between the parties is still too big in view of the request of the Spanish 30 million and the inclusion of the counter-purchase clause in favor of Real Madrid.