CHIUSA PESIO (Cuneo), August 8, 2011 – On July 7, Antonio Conte has started to build his Juve. On August 7, yesterday, has closed the third and final part of the summer pre-season training. After training in Bardonecchia, America and CHIUSA PESIO the Bianconeri return to Vinovo. The balance of a month of work is positive because if it is true that – as pointed out by Conte – there is still much to do, it is equally true that the team is taking a clear identity and is trying to savor the taste always impose it’s game.

The happy Notes. The most reassuring is the confidence that all the group has in the coach. Not a small matter because in the manic methods of Conte in the pre-season training the players were massacred. The total adherence to the project has created a mechanism of positive internal competition: everyone wants to be protagonists, each match and even the bully become a test case. Nobody wants to lose.
From the tactical point of view the good news is the refusal of the long ball from the defense (which last year was a constant), the maturation of Marchisio (splendid interpreter of the role of central midfielder), the dedication of Pirlo (who listens in silence every indication of the technician), the phrasing of the Stikers to free the man on the shoot (the inclusion of Vucinic was easy because he is the ideal striker for this game).

The problems. Naturally, though, there are still many things to fix: the movement of the ball is slow, the movements of players must be synchronized and defense phase must be tested against competitive opponents. In this sense, for Juve can be a gamble to wait until 21 August (Trofeo Berlusconi with Milan) before dealing with a top team: the friendly in 13 against Real Betis, newly promoted to La Liga, and the TIM Trophy of 18 with the triangular formula will not give convincing answers.

Just a week before the season will begin Conte can evaluate the phase of not possess ball: an unknown thing large enough although in the last three friendlies (against Club America, Chivas and Cuneo) Juve has not received goal. Another worrying aspect for a team that has to assimilate the ideas of a new coach is the “work in progress” regarding staffing: Vidal will reach only Thursday his team-mates and there are still missing a Left winger and an center defender. In Conte’s football there is no room for improvisation: until the opposing area everything is memorized, players must always know what to do. The next transfers will have very little time to study.

Injuries. Among the problems there are Injuries. Have blocked six players: Iaquinta (sprained right knee and preparation still to begin, not to mention that he would be in the list of disposals), Pepe (twice for muscle aches), Pazienza (contracture at the back), Martinez (fatigue) , Quagliarella (knock to his right knee, the surgery) and Toni (right thigh strain). The hope is that the list does not stretch.

source: La Gazzetta dello Sport
by: G.B. Olivero
adapted by: Mike Prise