[adsense]The attack of Juventus works? Seeing the last game yes, to see the previous ones, the answer is sometimes.

Vucinic has played so far 873 minutes scoring 4 goals, with a goal every 218 minutes. Giovinco has played for 1030 minutes scoring 4 goals, a goal every 257 minutes or so. Alessandro Matri has played 456 minutes, scoring a single goal. Bendtner played 249 minutes, not scoring any goals. The best scoring average turns out to be as Fabio Quagliarella with 376 minutes, 5 goals, 1 every 75 minutes. Almost a goal a game for the attacker of Campania who “fence” the match against Napoli, but in other games, when he was called in cause he is well disengaged, for him the numbers QUAIL.

Also in the match against the Danes came into the game with a goal quickly. It seems now that he is the right player to bet for Juventus, striker able to make a contribution and numbers “from prolific striker” that serve to Juventus. Today, they are merciless, especially data related to Alessandro Matri until the last season seemed to be the true heir of Juventus bombers of the past. Unfortunately, the challenge with the Danes showed that the ancient cynicism seems to be still far away, but the love of the audience is still there, all waiting his goals.

Sebastian Giovinco is moving a lot but lacks the decisive goal. Vucinic seems irreplaceable but he also lives of dangerous breaks, Bendtner finally, no more mysterious object but useful “punter”. At least two days before the match with Pescara, Antonio Conte and Angelo Alessio evaluate carefully the attackers, the challenge with the Dolphins is difficult, we must send the best in the field, dusting the foot which obviously must be “hot hot”.

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan