MILAN, February 12, 2012 – Technical tests for the Champions League. Antonio Conte probably would have preferred to wait until next season before seeing any effect that makes on the legs of his players twice weekly commitment. But due to bad weather quickly verify the psychophysics of Juve. Within a month, even less (26 days between February 15 and March 11), Juventus will play six times, just like Milan that will add the two-legged Champions League with Arsenal at the four commitments of the league. 

The Parma-exam. This month it is played the championship, especially with regard to Juve. Now that Milan has passed over them, albeit with the help of two more matches, the Bianconeri must demonstrate the ability to react and especially to be able to withstand the pressure. Wednesday’s victory at Parma is mandatory: if Milan would have equalized or lose at Udinese would not have changed the approach of Juve (who always goes out to win), but surely it would have been in lighter spirit. After the success of the Rossoneri, however, the team of Conte needs to respond immediately to recover the primacy and of preserving with the recovery of Bologna as a wildcard for decline in March to place the shot or deciding to balance the possible negative outcome of direct confrontation. 

Turnover possible. Compared to a few weeks ago, Conte has the advantage of a wider team and has the confidence to really make a turnover when he needs it. This is the most important meaning of success in the Italian Cup at the San Siro, where Giaccherini has confirmed that he is a good central midfielder, Caceres has impressed at the ease with which he has fallen into the mechanisms, Padoin has completed his integration, Borriello has shown clear progress and the whole team has worked with only three owners (Barzagli, Chiellini and Pirlo). So the fatigue should not be a problem, because the players are training very well since July. It will be more complicated, of course, absorb any blows or injuries because three days pass quickly, and despite the work of the medical staff and the desire of recovering players Conte could be forced to exclude some due to physical problems.

Same commitments. The upside for Juve is the schedule of opponents: Parma arrives Wednesday in the same conditions as the Bianconeri (rested, but also with the risk of losing the rhythm), Catania on Saturday will have legs in addition to the recovery of Cesena today’s challenge against Genoa (then three matches in one week), Milan have the same number of commitments because of UCL and Bologna, before the match with Juventus which will probably be on March 7, will recover even the one with Fiorentina (February 21). Just this meeting has avoided the biggest risk to Juve: The regulation provides that the games are recovered in the first date available and if Bologna was free from other commitments would play with Juventus three days before the match between Conte and Allegri . So rather than be the only week free off this month for both Juve for Milan, the sprint still seems to last until late spring. When the snow, hopefully, will be a memory. 

source: GdS by: G.B. Olivero 
adapted by: Mike Prise