Juventus will not go beyond the 0-0 of Verona, is likely to suffer the ties with the small. It is agreed that Antonio Conte highlights after the game that 

“who understands football knows that this year the story has changed.” 

No denying it, this year’s Juventus always tries to make the game, but there are problems, and Conte highlights them : 

“On the wings – admits Juventus coach – we have a small problem. Now requires that the newcomers, Elia and Estigarribia, definitely integrate and do so as soon as possible. “ 

 Already, the wings, because especially when you play with one striker , the high wingers make the difference, or at least they should. Pepe sacrificed so much and also tries to offer in attack, Krasic is currently a failure (he will go away?). So what now? 

Then we must turn to the mysterious players Elia and Estigarribia: The Paraguayan has played only 10 minutes against Chievo, without having the time of impact, the Dutchman has been watching the game on TV, but it could have been the last time. 

 “We need them – Conte admits -. With Krasic still struggle at the level of communication by language, others must integrate and do it quickly.Elia a case? No. He did not came in Verona because are five days he has not done physical workouts. He needs to recover than the rest of the group. He came to us on the day of the inauguration of the stadium, then was called up for Holland and before that has not played no more than ten minutes per game with Hamburg.” 

 What has just begun will the perfect week, so Elia and Estigarribia will train all week with their colleagues and against Genoa on Saturday the Old Lady could have two new wings all ready.