We followed him as usual in these two games of the national team. Unfortunately it was not saved and had to play both friendlies. The report cards of the match against Uruguay, in fact, have not been benevolent. 

The comments speak of a lack of clarity, fatigue, oposition pressing and finding the lucidity. Perhaps, in our opinion, was the case for Prandelli to try some alternative solution, to see if there is a vice-Pirlo. Evidently it did not happen and Prandelli has squeezed a little . 

This is the main risk of Andrea who will have to play, unless Conte does not grant him a rest and disqualifications do not feel on Sunday. After the match against Palermo there will be challenges close on Saturday-Tuesday and Sunday, with Lazio-Naples and Cesena. In short, a real tour de force for a player who needs all the clarity to rub his lamp and start the genius in him. 

The Juventus fans are hoping that fatigue does not affect too much, for the game of Conte the idea of Pirlo’s genius is crucial. If the tiredness will affect on Sunday we’ll know, in the meantime we can only hope that in these days to rest and regain all his strength. 

by: Massimo Pavanadapted by: Mike Prise