The Danish away game takes us back to Italy with the knowledge that to get ahead in Europe it takes something more. It is not enough the pressure, are not enough the opportunities, the heat and intensity, it takes the concreteness, the champions, the goals.

This Juventus played in flashes, risked on individual mistakes and got a goal on a avoidable free kick. Has sparkled the game, but the opponents were still there.

The data that makes us think is the ‘possession too high of Danish. A rebalanced possession in the second half but not convincing. For the first time in a long time Juventus disappoints. Does not disappoint the overall performance but practicality.

Sometimes you can also make mistakes …, but if you want to go ahead and not end up in the Europa League the draws are not enough.

We will probably need to win the next two, if not the next three.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan