FLORENCE, September 24, 2012 – Where to stay will decide Antonio Conte. Possibly Juventus. Fiorentina has prepared everything, as in any other day of the season when they take their seats in the stands leaders and members of the opposing team. 
The viola company has reserved the Juventus coach a place in the official gallery, along with other representatives of the club of Corso Galileo Ferraris. If Conte will then sit in the pitch tv destined to Juventus Channel, the thematic channel of the club, he’ll decide. 
The only certainty is that he will have reserved any sky box. It is not lack of will but rather … of space. The new structures were in fact contracted out to private, otherwise it could also be found an alternative solution. It’s up to Antonio Conte to put a definitive end to this saga.
From the law enforcement remains high threshold of attention, but without too much concern. The same superintendent of Florence, Zonno, said he was very confident. Of course, at Franchi will register the season record of attendance: the tickets were sold out a week ago, after a sale lasted just over 24 hours.

Source: Corsport (article by atc)

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS