Juve of steel: no more injuries. The secret? Mercato, technology and Conte’s methods

TURIN, Feb. 10, 2012 – It takes a physical beast for football to one hundred per hour planned by Antonio Conte: “We win only if we always give 120 percent.” So Juve filled immediately fitted , for the development of muscles and prevent failures. So far it has worked out …
According to a report in today ‘Tuttosport’  the staff of staff  Antonio Conte is taking form : in addition to . Angelo Alessio(assistant coach), the tactical trainer Stellini and goalkeeper coach Filippi, was contacted Paul Bertelli,
Roma’s fitness/athletic coach last season. The eventual arrival of Bertelli  it is difficult, but does not exclude the stay in Torino of  Roberto De Bellis, athletic coach of Del Neri, since there is a will to implement the athletic staff with two trainers.
Paolo Bertelli, 50 years of Florence, the best athletic trainer in the serie A in 2008, began his career at the youth of Fiorentina and then going in the first team along with Claudio Ranieri (1993 to 1997) and Alberto Malesani (’97-98) . The following year in Venezia begins the long and fruitful collaboration with Luciano Spalletti, except  of a season in Fiorentina with Roberto Mancini. Along with the Tuscan manager is working  in Udinese and then for four seasons in Rome confirmed given the great results even after Spalletti left to coach Zenit St Petersburg. With the arrival of new fitness coach of Ranieri, Riccardo Capanna,  Bertelli is hijacked in the role of recovery trainer, but returns to the previous position under the guidance of Vincenzo Montella. Bertelli already knows several players of Juventus because he was a member of the coaching staff of coach Marcello Lippi’s World Cup in South Africa. So there was contact, it is now to be torn from Rome with an innovative and successful project. The doubts will still be dissolved on Monday, when the technical staff of Conte arrives in Torino for the signature.
According to a rumor proved Juvemania.it has been finished the athletic staff of Antonio Conte: Paolo Bertelli, a former athletic coach of Roma, which will follow on the field the new Juventus coach, should be accompanied by Roberto Sassi, a former Sampdoria, in the role of responsible with ‘Lab Juventus’. Remains uncertain at this point, the position of De Bellis.

Born in the Valmorea 7/6/1951, Roberto Sassi graduated in EF at I. S.E.F. Milan (Thesis: The test in football). Specialized FIDAL, background, middle distance running, is has  among other things the author of the book ‘The athletic training in football’ (20 years of experience) – Calzetti & Mariucci Publishers – 2001, also co-author of ‘A method for programming football ‘,’ Football Today – Soccer Tomorrow ‘,’ Injuries in sport ‘,’ Around the World – Football – Preparing modern ‘,’ The modulation of the load in the preparation of the player ‘.CARRIERA

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