These days we have rightly heard Beppe Marotta saying: “Juventus and the Italian football can not afford players that cost thirty million.” True, very true. However, Juventus is obliged to try and get there first to the potential champions of tomorrow.

The various Markovic, Vietto, just to mention two names talked about these days, must be the prospects on which Juventus must invest to get there first of all. Unable to compete today for the various Van Persie, Falcao, but possible, even obligatory, to go to find the various Lewandoski, James Rodriguez, Isco, those talents who can be champions of tomorrow. The right policy is not that of Paris Saint Germain or Manchester City, the correct policy is to Borussia Dortmund, Udinese, Porto, Ajax that in a sustainable way able to find the champions of tomorrow, first of all, as for Sanchez, for Asamoah and for Isla.

In Dortmund can launch the various Kagawa and replace them with Reus, the Gotze, etc.. etc.. This is the sustainable football to be taken for example, these models that even the Board of Directors of yesterday seems to want to find out how to follow. We need a good and reliable network of observers and the desire to believe on players who are chosen. Who expects a Radamel Falcao to 50 million tag and seven of wage, unfortunately, will have to change his jacket or seek a Arabic partner.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan