Good morning Nedved, a curiosity: the people who stop you on the street what do they ask you more? When do you come back and play? or who will you buy for Juventus?
“Is a good fight between the two! (laughs) Joking aside, until some time ago there were many who ask me to come back and play and, I confess, that has always made me very happy. Now it’s different, but equally nice that people make me compliments on the team, thus consider me a manager. And then, of course, after the compliments they ask me to add the champions to the team. ” 
And what do you answer them? 
“That we are clear and do not sleep for sure. They can be calm. ” 
You are in the organization as a board member, but we often see you in Vinovo and we know of his operational role in the transfer market. What is your job at Juventus? 
“This question I take it a little wider. When one stops playing, must find his dimension and it is not easy. It is not that you can start by saying I played twenty years and I know everything about this world. Like hell! You start from scratch and learn everything you need. At the beginning I did not understand where and how to position myself, then over time I found my place. A bit as I was the first year with Lippi who in the first six months did not understand where to put me! (laughs) Then with Marotta, Paratici and Conte I found my right dimension, in which I feel to be useful. ” 
What do you do in the field? 
“Above all else is a work I do to the field to give a helping hand to all managers and coach. I follow the team, speak with Conte and the players. I follow the trainings because a player you considers it from commitmenthe puts during the week while training. Only so you can understand. ” 
Understand what? 
“A player is generally judged on Sundays for the match, but if you want to evaluate him seriously must see him especially in the week, as he trains, how he works out. A team has 25 players, you need to know everything about everyone, because everyone is needed. ” 
And in the headquarters what do you do?
“Meetings! So many meetings! (laughs) From the market for the first team to the management of the youth sector and is a lot of work, there’s so much to do. ” 
You did not imagined it when you were on the other side of the barricades … 
“No, absolutely not.” 
Is it harder to be a footballer or manager?
“What is most difficult not to know. I understand that winning as an executive provokes the same emotions as when you win as a player. Because from player you are protagonist in the field, but as an executive you are aware of how much work is behind every win and how many people have contributed, from the president who never stops working. In Trieste I was thrilled, a lot. I did not think it would move me such, but I swear that I was very moved. It feels different to winning as a player, but of equal intensity. ” 
How do you think you could develop in his role. In other words, what will do the big Pavel Nedved? 
“Now I want to learn as much as possible. Here we have a CEO and general manager who has thirty years of football behind him, I steal? much as possible. Let me give an example: I sometimes Paratici and we start with a very strong idea, we think it’s the best. Then to us we get to Marotta says: calm guys, I have already this situation the past and … how to say … do you adjust?, it explains what you can do and what not. Then sometimes it happens instead is that the first enthusiastic about our ideas. It’s nice to deal with people of experience, makes you grow. ” 
Working with Agnelli? 
“Beautiful. Because he is one who works a lot, has clear ideas, gives the first demonstration that serves sacrifice and application to achieve certain goals. And he’s a president who understands football. And since when he was a kid who played and still plays today, he knows getting into the head of the players. ” 
Hence is he competent? 
“Absolutely. He compares a lot with the coaching staff and always knows everything we do, even if logically respects the roles and leave us some decisions. He says: this owe it to you to decide, because you are the best equipped to do it. ” 
Del Piero gone, Buffon and you are the ones with more seniority? Juventinita. What does it mean for you?
 “Yes, it means that we must carry on the values ​​of juventinità. The ones I’ve experienced myself from day one. When I arrived I felt a smell I can not explain, something that has to do with our DNA and can not breathe elsewhere. My task, and that of Gigi is explain this to younger and who comes.” 
The turning point of Conte, in your opinion, was more technical-tactical or psychological? 
“Fifty-fifty, because from the tactical point of view he was awesome in the change when he did realized to have in rose a world-class player, Vidal, and has revolutionized everything. But from the psychological point of view has done work crazy on the guys who came from negative years and did make a quality leap to everyone. In this, I must say, has helped the Stadium, because there is all another thing. I was certain that that plant would have brought benefits in the results and everything has come true. ”
Have you thought about what would have done the Juventus where he played , that of Lippi and bis Capello, in the new stadium? 
“Yes, always. I imagined many times. And I think that more the championship, would have given us a bit more in the Champions League. I often think of the draw with Liverpool and at that another draw with Arsenal at the Delle Alpi in the seasons of Capello … If we had played at the Stadium, in that environment, we would have won for sure ” 
That team, the seasons 2004-05 and 2005-06, was the strongest in Europe?
Simple like that, no doubt. 
“Capello’s squad was the strongest in Europe. Obviously we could not prove it by winning the Champions League, but we won in Italy, in fact we have always swept. Anyway, that rose was the best. I am sorry for the Champions … Perhaps playing well as Juventus of Conte we would have won the Cup with the big ears. ” 
By the way from next season starts the hunt for his obsession? that continues to be that cup … 
“We build a team to be competitive in the Champions League. I want to touch that Cup! ” 
Do you think that the Juventus you are building will be competitive in the Champions League? 
“If you should express the levels of this year would have a good road. I am convinced of this because I have always compared the game of Conte with what it was expressed in the Champions League and I always thought that there were no major differences. Of course, next year there will be three fronts: the league, the Champions League, Italian Cup, so we get stronger. We have a very strong base, but we have to add pieces. The work is theoretically easier, but it is very difficult because this time we have to take a few but good and we can not afford to make mistakes. ” 
Are you looking for players with experience in the Champions League? 
“No, not necessarily. We are looking for players who are strong and they’re all right in our environment. It does not matter if they have already played in the Champions, the experience we will do it together. ” 
It’s true that in the selection were discarded those who break certain behavioral parameters?? In other words: no hot heads to Juve. 
“In principle yes, but I also believe that a very healthy environment, like ours, can also afford to run a hot head? if should bring a very important technical contribution. His head we fix it ourselves. ” 
Is there a Nedved on the market? And I mean a young Nedved of ’96 landed at Lazio. 
“There are so many interesting youngsters. Even in Italy, real talent and interesting. But you can not fail to evaluate now whether later will grow as the new Nedved ‘. 
What percentage of error is when you bet on a young man of 18/19 years of great talent?
“High. Even if you’ve studied long and seems to already formed, you have no certainties. But you have to still put him in preventative and Juventus have decided to focus a lot on this policy and we’ll bet a lot on young people and youth sector. ” 
The desire to play again came more this year with Juventus which gave show and the new stadium or in recent seasons at Olympic, when things were not working in the field and seemed to miss his class and his determination? 
“That of the past, one that was in trouble. Because this did not need anything. I suffered a lot when it was in trouble, because we worked and we could not get results without understanding why. Then you realize you need re-evaluate everything and to reset everything. “
Have you ever imagined you as a coach? 
“No, honestly I have not yet had occasion to think seriously about it. I took a year off when I left, then I met with Agnelli and I decided to start this way. ” 
Real, City, Juventus and Borussia: put in order of strength the four teams that have won the major championships in Europe. 
“At the top I put Real Madrid: consolidated group and experienced coach. then City of Mancio which is unusual stuff because it has an impressive possibility of choice. Then there is us and Borussia, who did a great job on the young. ” 
It’s tough to compete with clubs such as City on the market? 
“Yes it’s tough. And not only because the City, Real or Barcelona have a much bigger budget to buy players, but also have sales almost double to our to pay their salary. But beware, it is not always only about money. Look how went last year: it was not easy to convince the champions to come to Turin, but … ” 
So how do you snatch a player to City or Real? Because it seems to me that the objectives of this year are at that level, no? 
“Yes, yes they are. We must be clear with the players, explain well the project. We have the strength that we won, we participate to Champions with the desire to be protagonists, we have the new stadium. These are things that speak in our favor, then there are others against us: the moment of Italian football, for example, is not easy, the championship is played in stadiums that are not appropriate … But I know how a player thinks, so I can get into their heads and a few chances we have it. I am confident. ” 
But back to the question, who has more power: managers or agents? 
“I would say players. If a player wants to leave a club at the end he will leave. And I, as a manager, I would not do anything to stop him. A player should be proud to wear the shirt of Juventus, if he wants to go away means that no longer is. ” 
De Ceglie, the player to whom you are very affectionate, has grown a lot. But does not that seem a little alone? in the department? 
“Meanwhile, we say that De Ceglie is one to the National and sooner or later he will come. For the rest I can say it is a difficult market, but we’re working and we made an overall assessment to figure out where to intervene and, of course, we have in mind not only strikers. The names do not ask them, even under torture I won’t unveil them … ” 
Well, at least tell us if Juventus fans can expect a high-level acquisition campaign, to continue the dream that began with the championship this year? 
“The fans should be calm, the team it is. And is all the company that wants to improve it. Despite the difficulties, we will improve for sure. But rather than having to re-take something at the end of the market, I prefer to keep low. Do not want to promise things that do not come true. I am the first to want a Juventus with eleven phenomena as it was in 2005-06, but we must be calm. No promises, except one:  fans, do not worry, on the market we do not sleep. We made a step and now we want to improve. The goal now is, inevitably, the Champions League. ” 
Calcioscommese: are you more concerned or more disgusted? 
“That disgusts me is certain. But also concerned about the future of Italian football, you’re a bit masochistic … If you think in other countries have happened similar things, but did not have talked so much. I have to punish the guilty, but be careful not to brake the Italian football. Disqualified, radiated, but think of the future, we look forward, otherwise we lose more seats in the cups. Also because I can assure you that Italy pull still among the foreign players: it is a beautiful country. You have everything: beautiful women, food, water, mountains … “. 
Have you spoken to Buffon?
“I know both him and Antonio Conte for a long time, are clean guys. And I will stop here. ” 
What will you say to Conte on the first day of training camp? 
“He knows what it means to win and what it means to win back. And he knows it will be hard work. No need to tell him anything, he knows. ” 
Where is Del Piero going to play next year? 
“I do not know. I read the newspapers like everyone else. When I heard he told me that he went on vacation and enough … “. 
Have you ever thought about playing in the U.S., Dubai, China? 
“No, when I’ve quit, Mino Raiola, my agent, wanted to push me to inter. It was the most serious thing and wanted to quit there. He was basically installed in my house for a couple of weeks to convince me. I finally kicked him! (laughs) And I think that even now reproaches the money that I did lose by that refusal. But come on! Can you see me with the shirt of inter? ” 
source:Tuttosport – Interview by Guido Vaciago 
adapted by: Mike Prise