Max Allegri provokes, Pavel Nedved responds. After the little touch launched the last days of the Milan coach, who had said that Juventus lacked humor, came the response from the bianconero club, headed by Pavel Nedved.

The czech fury, speaking on Sportmediaset, responded pointedly, saying it is better to win than to to be liked: “Allegri said that Juventus should have more humor and be more nice? We take all the things seriously and in any case we do not want to be liked, we want to be winners. This is our belief. “

As a result, the former Ballon D’oro also praised Carlitos Tevez, who was also in the past contested between Juventus and AC Milan: “He is not at his maximum? I would be worried if Carlitos would be in splendid form, because it would not be right at this time. I will wait at most a few days, a few weeks, a few months perhaps, because he needs time. It ‘s a great player because he showed immediately that he want to come to us. With Carlitos we talked a long time ago, he still has a lot of desire to play and above all a great motivation to do well and it shows in training. He has given everything, now is a bit ‘tired, but rightly so. “