Is this Picture real? Were those players really there? Fucking right they were! And they were one of the strongest Teams which have ever played in Serie A and in Europe! That is the only reason they’ve won the Scudetto with 91 Points! Teste di Cazzo!

TURIN, April 27, 2012 – The hypothesis, pinning on the chest the third star in case of Scudetto, which circulates in Juve home for some time now, for some it is obvious, arithmetic: 
“Of course, one hundred percent – said Pavel Nedved , in an interview – we have twenty-nine. And twenty-nine plus one equals thirty.” 
The idea of the Juventus board member and good friend of President Andrea Agnelli, also is embraced by a large share of Juventus fans, in search of revenge since 2006. Agnelli, because of his role, was more cautious: 
“It is a Juve habit to face problems when are created. Today we do not have this problem and do not go to make assumptions like this.” 
Which however Giancarlo Abete has said the same thing, not a little has surprised the rooms Juventus
“If it will put the question we’ll discuss it,” said the chairman of the Football Association. From parts of Turin, considering the precedents, one might have expected a categorical NO. After all, already on the revocation of the Scudetto 2006, confiscated from Juve and given to M***A, the board of Football Federation had not decided. 
“We are in open championship – ended Abete – and then I feel little inappropriate for the Federation to work on what will happen. The Federation, however, will always be careful about applying the rules. ” 

source: La Stampa 
adapted by: Mike Prise