Pavel Nedved spoke to gazzetta about Juventus and prospects:
“We aim to start from where we left. Juventus is a great club, with managers who are connoisseurs of football. I do not if anyone expected a season like the last one. Then going forward we have grown in awareness and self-esteem. After the success against Dortmund I knew we had made a further step of growth. The young players will have the opportunity to work alongside our hard core and grow ».. Between me, the President, Paratici and Marotta there is a daily confrontation to keep Juve at the highest levels.

Beppe and Fabio are very good, this is under the eyes of everyone. And thanks to them that we have moved so well. Berardi is a player of the highest level, he has done amazing things in these two years. I have read statistics that point out crazy comparisons with Messi and other champions and I did not find it absurd. He is the proof of how much quality there is still around. When I hear that in Italy there is no more talent I’m always laughing. There are players who have similar qualities, but like Nedved currently I do not think there are any.

Is a difficult thing. Now there are six or seven years I do the executive. At first it was very hard. I felt like a fish out of water. Then slowly entered the role and at the end you are fine. But what you are suffering. I told Pirlo, Buffon and other champions that one day they will become sports managers: “Guys, it’s really hard. In the stands is a continuous suffering during the match. “

On Sturaro: “Let’s say that mine was an instinctive gesture. I walked into his skin and felt to be near him. Also I have made mistakes in the past, I know how it feels. But Stefano should feel comfortable. He is a professional model and a great man, destined to become a column of Juventus and the national team”.

On Vidal: “I think he has been through very difficult times and had other things to think rather than speak to me. He is an extraordinary player, not surprisingly Chile forgave him immediately the stunt and has put him in the field. Maybe at some level it is best to avoid certain situations …”.

On Tevez: “You can’t replace him, it is impossible. For us it is a huge loss, he was our leader for the past two years. But he made a decision for his family”.