The vice president of Juventus, Pavel Nedved, commented after the draw in Champions League at the microphones of Premium Sport.

“I’ve had better days … Already the group was difficult, the team was good to overcome it without great difficulty. Maybe we were hoping for better luck now but it does mean that we have to suffer once again. The team in Europe I really like, we are confident to make two great games.

We hoped for better luck in the draw but we are also confident that we can put in two good performances,

We have improved a lot to play in Europe, but with Bayern will be very difficult.

Nobody is unbeatable, we think so. Dybala? Marotta and Paratici worked perfectly. We are not weaker than last year: we lost the champions but we set up a team to play these games in Europe. All we need is a bit of maturity, experience, but these are the games where we will acquire.

Our group was a tough one but we still managed to reach the knockout stages without too much difficulty. I think that our team has really improved in Europe recently and I’m confident in our ability.

We know that Bayern will be tough opposition but nobody is unbeatable. You never know what is going to happen in football. We will need to approach these two games with humility and desire.

We found certainty and security with this module, but it does not mean that later we will not change with the players in better shape or recoveries. Does not depend on the module, we talk too much about this. “