Last night the national team played, as usual we have to cross our fingers that no one gets hurt. We are proud to give players to the national team but at the same we are ready to say enough is enough. Obviously not to the convocation in blue. It’s just that the players should go and be proud. 

We want to put a stop to the interviews, not blocking the word to the champions, but we are tired of hearing about Juventus in the national team interviews. Before Buffon, then last Chiellini, every thought is changed, turned, manipulated and who goes in the middle of all this are the players and fans with voices that run without meaning. Leading questions, double truth, always on the same topics. Who presents himself at the microphones of the National team should respond to questions about national and that’s it. About championship and the club we have time to talk about in the following week. 

 It would be the case that the Juventus players stopped to answer any questions about Juventus because the resultis always to create misunderstandings and frictions. When you in the national team would be better to “pretend” to think about the national and not something else.

 After all the questions to ask of Farsopoli and disputes with the FIGC now are the same and we hope that any player who played for Juventus of those years and who lived through those fields thinks exactly like 99% of the fans: the scudetti are 29 and the battle to get them back and to be compensated by damages is not right, but Holy.

If somebody belongs to the 1%, probably would do well to say it, but separately.

by: Massimo Pavan
adapted by: Mike Prise