Luis Nani

Nani is on the shelves of Juventus, here is what we can read on the last indiscretions of English Tabloid “The Sun”. Two indications seem to prove the credible information. The first is that the 26 year old Portuguese is apparently in rupture with his club Manchester United. The second is that his contract ends in just one year. Indeed, the reasons therefore would push the Red Devils to part with the player without much resistance.

Indeed, this would prevent Ferguson’s former club, of seeing the midfielder leave for free once his contract ended. The price of the player would be estimated at 13 million euros, a relatively affordable and negotiable sum by the directors of the Old Lady. However, the Portuguese also interests other clubs, among them Psg, Monaco and Roma (but implausible concerning the player’s salary). If the operation “Zuniga” should not give any result, Nani is indeed a choice of high quality for Mr Conte.