Well that day has come. THE DAY.

We are ahead of the most important game. Our last UCL campaign ended badly with Bayern, 1-4 on 08/12/2009. That game was the beginning of the end. The end of a Cycle. A Cycle with a lot of Champions but who have arrived at the end of their career. That year Juventus has finished 7th in Serie A.

My Juventus today has to prove that is able to Overcome it’s limits, it’s Limits of last years in European Competitions. We need luck, bravery and play a good Game. Juventus has never won anything by Chance, unlike our opponents, some say that last year’s Winner of UCL was one of the luckiest team in this competition.

Conte vs Di Mateo, Cech vs Buffon, Pirlo vs Lampard, Vucinic vs Torres and so on… 

Both teams will trow in their best Guns for this game because it’s the most important of the year. The one that can decide, in Juventus’s case, a lot on the next moves on the Transfer Market.

I have mixed feelings about this game. I am confident because Juventus plays a very organized Game, creating a lot of Football. But also I am concerned about the impotence of our Attack,which can be decisive in this kind of games.

Chelsea comes after a defeat in Premier League, but in which has done a lot of Turnover, and some say that this is the game that Di Matteo needs to win in order to remain the Head Coach of Chelsea.

What the Facts/Standing say is this: Chelsea can play for the draw. Because their last game will be with the weakest team in the Group, so the Math says they will qualify with 4 points in their last 2 games.

My Juventus on the other side, doesn’t have to many possibilities. We need to win this one. Yes, of course the math says that if you draw with Chelsea you can still qualify if you win with Shakthar. Yes, but this means playing all your cards away from home, in the Cold Ukraine, in December. So, in my Humble we need to win this one if we want to qualify.

The Key points of today’s game:

– Chelsea plays a 4-2-3-1, with 3 players behind the Striker, and therefore behind Enemy Lines, between our Midfield and our Defense Line. This can be overcome in only one way, playing very close with all the lines, cutting in this way every possibility of Counter Attacks.

Conte has to be clever and to create some sort of Tactical surprise for Di Matteo, this can be done after the first 15 -20 minutes of the game. The movement of our Attackers, Midfielders and Wingers will be the Key of this Game.

– We can’t afford to be Impotent (as we are sometimes) in front of the Goal. We will have a few scoring chances which we have to take. Scoring Chances ~= Goals is a Must.



Take care! Bianconeri siamo noi! Ma chi cazzo siete voi?