A week has passed after the Game Set with Pescara, as said before that game, by far the weakest team in Serie A. What have we learned after that game? We’ve learned that keeping Eta Beta on the bench or in the stands at this particular moment of the season, is CRAZY, to say at least. Of course, we also gained a certain TRAIN on the right Wing, the name Mauricio Isla.

And of course not to mention, that the second team from Milano has continued to do what know best. Meaning, loosing and complaining about the Referees (of course once again  Juventus is to be blamed 😉 ) 

Today’s game is a Strange one, because comes after a Week in which our National Players were again heavily involved in Friendlies. This is a very important aspect of this Juventus, and of Football in general, players travelling a lot for their national teams. It’s a must have Evil. You can’t overcome it. There is no way because each player is proud to wear his National Team Shirt.

Lazio is a team, which for several years now under the Guidance of a good president, Lotito, is struggling to make it in the UCL, and always coming close. This year they will try their best to overcome their Limits. And for this reason and for several other it will be a tough game. The other reasons of concern may be:

– How we should deal with 3 Games in 7 days? Play all our cards with Chelsea? and by consequence do a little turnover?

– The dynamic of Lazio game is quite good, having a formation with Klose and Hernanes just to name the most important ones. They will field a 4-5-1 just like they did with Rome. A module which is quite similar with that of Chelsea. It would be interesting how Conte will be able to deal with the 3 Players behind Klose, the ones playing between the “enemy” Lines.

Another thought goes to our Mister Conte, who after a silence of ~4 Months gave a nice Interview of about 1 Hour answering the questions coming from Juventini all over the world. In 3 weeks we will see you again in your rightful place Mister!

Also a little thought goes to Cassano, who should shut the fuck up! (excuse my french) I understand it’s painful when you are always close to Juventus, but never to close. Antonio Cassano should remember that in Life you should be grateful for getting a Second Chance. He got a second chance. He should be more grateful and talk less.

Pepe is back? did you know? Vucinic also? But Pepe, Il Soldatino, how I like to call him (@ Di Livio) is back and it’s a Hell of a return because of his dutility in the field, he can play Wide on the Left or Right, but most importantly can play in a 4-3-3 just like last year without loosing anything on the defensive phase.

So, to summarize it, we are in a Good Moment. Let’s Start the Rumble!

Take care! Bianconeri siamo noi ! Ma chi cazzo siete voi?