Dear Michel, I know you will be present at the inauguration of the new stadium of the Old Lady, la Vieille Dame for you Bleus, and I want to tell you what you meant for those of my generation. I started to love you immediately also in first part of the first season where we’ve done a derby win poisonous, were struggling with the groin but not at the decisive moments you were there.

I re-joice for your goals and your throws of 60 meters, for you I went to Paris to see the European Championship in France you have crowned king at home, I really cried in that game against Brescia we knew the ‘last. “Even if our eyes do not tear our hearts cry, Michel, the Philadelphia thanks you.”So in Turin-style the fans really gave you that tribute reserved only for a few in cold Turin. I remember the jokes of Advocate: “Platini has cost us a loaf of bread, but he gave us a little ‘caviar’ “. 

Three times consecutively top scorer in the Serie A and matched the record Nordhal, three times in the European final two of which won with the exception of the damn final against Hamburg in Athens. And yet all the goals against Roma, for us roman Juventus fans value three times more, the freekicks that he slipped in the net of a astonished Tancredi .And all the goals in the derby, the two goals in the rain when the derby seemed already granata, the goals at the San Siro where their foreigners seemed shadows to your light. I remember a night of European Champions Cup semi-final, which did not unlock, and the silence of the stadium that was under the curse of our long-eared cup the fans from curve sang one song like a obsession: “MI-CHEL – PLA –TI-NI, MI-CHEL-PLA-TI-NI!!” and in 25 minutes two assists and a goal 3-0 and devastated Bordeaux, Juventus in the final. Was to YOU in times of need that the bianconero people turned . 

Now it is the same: they have raped the Vecchia Signora with phone interceptions from Bar, spans the air with theories, with calls hidden by some accomplice hand and will not find justice in Italy or heard by the Federation would serve an arrogant and self-pity petroliere .You know why Juve always won and was able not only to win but has always managed to lose like a True Lady. 

When the attorney Agnelli review the Inter purchase of Pellegrini, saying “… now even our cooks have a team,” you understand the difference between parvenues and Vieille Dame. I close with the quotation the Advocate from an interview with Minoli … to the question of why you fell in love with Platini, the Advocate Agnelli told that after having gone to France to see him, called Michael and said: “Platini you played well in the first half, bad in the second .. “, Platini said:” the deuxieme moin bien “(corrected the lawyer saying that the second he played ” less good “). 

Gianni Agnelli understood his character and decided to buy him.

by: Antonello Angelini 
adapted by: Mike Prise