Have you ever thought why I’ve choose MYJUVENTUS the name for this website? if just once you’ve asked yourself that, I think now that you are aware of my daily work let me get a chance to explain My reason.

My Juventus, because when I think to La Vecchia Signora, to our Old Lady, I wonder how is My Juventus going to play today or how come is My Juventus so damn Good after so many years of suffering. Does this make sense? Do you ask yourself  the same? Or have your friends ever asked you ” How has your Juventus played?” Do you also ask yourself each time when Juve plays or has won a game, the same? Is it selfishness? Who knows? But I am sure that in Italy there are 14 Million people thinking almost the same and across the Globe there another 100 Million souls who may think alike.

But this is not the reason for this Post. No, this is the beginning of something that I want to be a regular, a New Series for ,before each game or whenever I feel it’s necessary to do it. With the things I think that day.

Something else,You will laugh when you will read this, but I am quite Shy, I prefer reading people and take notes, and as you are familiar or will become so, I often adapt people I appreciate and had Interviews in the past like Antonio Corsa, Claudio Zuliani, Fabio Barcellona, Massimo Pavan and Massimo Zampini. But also after each Juventus game you will get a quick tactical analysis from Mister Dissidente and from time to time some Posts from my Collaborators.

And because I am shy you have to support My Posts with many Likes and shares with your friends. Because if you don’t read me why should I write, right?


Well enough with the introduction, let me start then:

This week was a long one for me but I am sure for you also. Today is only Wednesday but since Saturday seems has passed a eternity.We all know why… I don’t want to talk about it, I am still to upset on what has happened on Saturday. So let’s move forward and take a look at today’s facts:

We are ahead of a crucial UCL game with a Danish team which proved to be a hard team to beat for several reasons but one of the Main Ones is our Impotence in front of the Goal. And you can’t ask yourself how come? How come a team who is the Champion of Italy with a 49 run of unbeaten games is so sterile in front of the Goal? How come if you have 33 Scoring Chances in a game you are able to score only once in the last 10 minutes of the game?

Well, if you ask me, there are some logical reasons and I will try to put them in a list, you can choose which ever you feel is the most important:

Juventus doesn’t have a Top Striker, forget the term Top Player, that’s a nonsense created by Beppe himself. Juventus doesn’t have a player who can guarantee 20 Goals on a Season.

Juventus uses the 3-5-2, and I have to ask you to tell me which are the other Top teams playing in UCL, to win it  I mean, who play this module?? Can you find one? yes, I know we’ve won the Scudetto playing the last 8-10 games with this module but How fit were we then and What is our Condition now? I wonder…

Juventus is not used to play for  UCL and Scudetto, and this I was expecting but this is a transition we will get used to it.

Juventus has to learn to use its Existing Attackers (BTW in my humble opinion Giovinco is not an attacker, he is anything but that). We have to be more careful with this guys. if one of them scores in-game why do you have to leave him on the bench in the next game if he is physically fit? I am still wondering…

Juventus doesn’t have the athletic condition from the last 10 games of the last years Scudetto. Why? beats me I am here just to underline it. Perhaps there is a strategy on this matter and we will reach our top Athletic Condition in late November and December. Who Knows?

Juventus has to recover Mirko Vucinic and Simone Pepe, they are fundamental players of our offensive phase. Also we need to find a way to include Isla and Pog”BANG” in the first 11 and make them room and play them more.

Solutions for the above reasons can be found inside the team and in the next Market Window, but I truly think  that we are the Strongest team in Italy and we will win this Scudetto also. I am not saying this  because I love My Juventus, I am saying it because I am looking at this team and it’s Coach, our True Top Player, and I am confident.

I don’t want to get you tired with my first Post from this New Series “My Juventus, How I See you today” and I say to you only:

Take care! Bianconeri siamo noi! Ma chi cazzo siete voi?

 by: Mike Prise