We are back in business thanks to one of the Best Performance, if not the best, of this year. The game with Roma maybe the other one.

My Juventus is in front of an away match against Pescara the weakest team in Serie A and we must be very carefull. There are no easy games in Serie A, although the quality of Serie A has dropped year after year. We don’t have other option but to win the 3 points in order to stay first in Standings and to gain more confidence ahead of a Terrible Month with games with Lazio, Chelsea, Milan, Torino and Shakhtar. 5 Super games.

What else have we learned from the game with the Danes? Well we gained a player, his name Mauricio Isla, we were waiting him for a while now. We learned also that the Core of this Juventus is still the same, meaning MVP, they score, run and create Beautiful Game.

My Juventus today is a team which has regained La Rabbia (THE ANGER) which is the BEST thing after a game lost with our biggest enemy after 2006.

Yes, because before 2006 they were only that team which always came close, close to do that, and that and that, so on… And so with a Masquerade of a Trial in 2006, Merdatti and Co. were able to destroy (for a while) the best team in Italy but with it the entire Serie A. Take a look at the European results of Italian teams, take a look at the fact that Italy has only 2 Team qualified directly in UCL and each year the team on the third place (Udinese last 2 years) wasn’t able to qualify in Europe that matters.

Let’s give them a BIG THANK YOU! Thank you FIGC, Thank you MErda! We are all very happy that after 2006 Italian football got cleaner and MOST IMPORTANTLY, got better, right?! Thank you all!

My Juventus decided to boycott the Press Conferences before the Games. Who can really blame US? Who? All the ones ABOVE? Milano Mass-media? Common! Really? Respect must be bidirectional! We respect everybody who deserves OUR respect! professionals who do they’re job.

My Juventus is again a Super Company/Club! A club that doesn’t accept shit anymore! From no one! Not anymore! No more! Enough is enough! We must be proud of Our Juventus!

Take care! Bianconeri siamo Noi! Ma chi cazzo siete voi?