I’ve spent an entire summer, first to understand and then to defend my favorite team as president of DifendiAMOlaJuve.
An intense experience, formative which has taught me so many things.

I learned that behind the newspaper headlines there are many times big lies, I learned that a sentence makes the news that an acquittal media, I learned how important it is in this country the power of the media and the judiciary, especially if they meet common name of “popular sentiment”.

First I read partial reconstructions on TV, believing that my managers gave  Ferraris to the referees and then found out that the Supreme Court had closed the case after appropriate investigations, no one would contradict, without anyone on TV to defend us.

I started to become suspicious and wonder if maybe it was not all gold that dripped and it dripped on me like a mountain of shit (hoping not to incur fines sports court).

I cheered for the victory in Bari, more than any other victory, after having spent the night crying on the forums reading about doomsday scenarios, I hated that pseudo company that he was abandoning his celebration in the square for a clear and super-deserved championship.

Then I got to work with my lawyers and thousands of supporters who have joined our committee that like so many others have tried to fight.

I was in Rome that day of the TAR, because I could not believe my Juve would have accepted the shame of Series B without defending themselves, because the Scudettos can be won again and have been, but the Series B no, is there and will always remain there .

I’ll never forget his serene face, almost happy of Montanaro lawyer , almost jokingly tell his colleagues before the hearing that “we all agreed on the board to give up the appeal,” while I felt death in my heart, he shamelessly was selling my Juve for some points in less of penalization.

I have seen Rimini and I went to La Spezia, get me called a thief because we scored in the recovery time, but the president of my team told me that everything would change and now Juventus was nice, clean and no one would longer offend us. Balls.

I have seen some of the worst Juve in the history after those of Marchesi, but there have always been Ranieri Zaccheroni to Del Neri.

I have seen popping new phone calls, like it or not, and I wondered what would happen if the protagonists were called Luciano and Antonio.

They have talked about different tones and I never understood these differences, and no one has ever explained why it could not investigate the reason certain phone calls had been discarded.

I heard the federal president at the time, that some power charge in life has occupied (, expressly ask to disadvantage my team and I heard a president of a team to have earned our titles and of our champions to specifically ask for a referee to a game and calling the nominator by making explicit pressures because the referee of the Italian Cup favored them … but as he rests in peace is a saint no matter for that untouchable.

And I? I went to B, they removed 2 championships, my idol has replaced the blue with stripes on white and with him so many others have gone without someone really explain to me why.

Without be beeing able to see the money, a confession, or at least a rigged game, one rigged game, but the judges have explained to me that “it is conceptually permissible the assurance of an advantage in the standings which would not have by the alteration of the course or outcome of a single game. Indeed, if of course, the ranking of each team is the result of the arithmetic sum of points obtained in the field, it is also true that the ranking as a whole can be affected by influences that, regardless of the outcome of the individual games, however end to determine the prevalence of a team than the other “

I reread a million times and I wondered if it were a judge or Ugo Tognazzi struggling with his wonderful “My Friends”(

I learned so many things in this story, no one will give me back that year in purgatory, those Championships non me no one has ever taken away, but since the summer of 2006 I became very careful on everything, because everyone should be considered innocent until last degree of judgment …

… then possibly, if someone is found guilty, it would be useful that the evidence actually existed and the day when someone will find me at least one of the games that my team won by bribing referees, maybe I will get my peace.

by: Alberto Scotta; source:
President DifendiAMOlaJuve

I still feel the same way Alberto!