What a Player, what a Man, I really miss you on  the field! No one was able to replace you! Irreplaceable!
Every kid that plays on the team in his neighborhood, has always wanted to tread the golden fields of the serie A rather than the muddy outskirts of town, perhaps tracing the exploits of great champions. Is the tale of Moreno Torricelli, from interregional with Caratese to conquer the world with the more famous club in Italy. An incredible story, that of “Geppetto“, which peaked in the magical night in Rome, winning the Champions League against Ajax (May 22, 1996 ed.) One of the many indelible hallmarks of “Master” who in exclusive to Canale Juve talks with open heart of “his” Juve, from the events of the field with the championship dream that “passes from victories against so-called provincial” to the recommendations for future transfers for the next summer market: 

Moreno, Juventus gets strengthened according to you from the equalizer on Saturday night in San Siro? 
“We’ve all seen that for the first time that Juventus was put under. In the first half went in obvious difficulty and yet has managed to draw at the end. This aspect is a matter of pride if you ask me, these are the games where you increase your self-esteem. There are the classic situations where you see the character, the reaction from great team. Have emerged both components. ” 

Juventus-Chievo and Bologna-Juventus. Are these next two games against the “small” that inexorably passes the dream Scudetto
“Absolutely yes. Juve against big has never had problems, has always done well. Against small-medium teams instead has struggled, while AC Milan proved Stomp. Therefore it becomes essential to win some games, they were left on the street several points. In the long run could then weigh. “ 

Who was the surprise of the season for Juventus, you identify yourself a bit in Giaccherini, who also went from the minor leagues to most successful club in Italy? 
“Honestly, I never liked to compare me to someone. I believe that everyone has a different story from this point of view. As for the surprise of the season, I was impressed by Barzagli. I did not expect would have a performance like that, with so much personality. He was one of the most positive at the time, well done indeed. ” 

Since the beginning of the season, Juventus fans have grown accustomed to seeing Antonio Conte a “chameleon“, able to offer excellent results with various modules, initially through his trademark, the 4-2-4, the 4-3 -3 to finish with 3-5-2. With which tactical scheme would you play Juve? 
“In modern football is important to take different modules depending on the characteristics of the opponent, especially during the game. I think it’s a major plus. It also becomes crucial at times, to catch them. So I’m very happy that Antonio forward the conviction of his 4-2-4 to the team, with the power to change it in front of certain balances. ” 

In view of participation in next season’s Champions League, unless sensational catastrophes, which are the departments, the roles on which to concentrate more investment? 
“Every year we talk about the market for Juventus, I always say that serve the real champions, people who have already had great experience at international level. It’s better to invest on a big shot, maybe in the attack, taking a player like Ibrahimovic and not so many good elements but who can not make a difference in the field. It’s difficult, however, that the top European clubs let go easily their best performers. Milan as example one such as a Thiago Silva is almost impossible to sell. This is just to explain what I intend to say under the label of top players … “. 

source:canalejuve.it; di Mauro Sarrica 
adapted by: Mike Prise