Speaking for Cadena Cope, Alvaro Morata left some interesting things

“Speaking about next year is difficult for me, because I don’t have the certainty of knowing where I will be and this is a strange situation,”

“I can’t wait for the question of the re-purchase to be resolved. I’m happy in Turin, but I want to be able to know where I should buy a house. I want to know as soon as possible where I’ll be.”

“I’m happy at Juventus, but returning to Madrid is a real possibility because there’s a contract, it was all already written. I just want all of this to be resolved.”

“Pogba? He’ll do what he wants in the world of football, most of all because he trains twice as much as he’s asked to, he even trains at home, he takes care of himself and is focused on becoming the best in the world, with this idea and the characteristics and strength that he has, he’ll definitely become the best in the world or certainly in the top three.”