If you think about Juventus-Fiorentina, impossible not to fly with the imagination to the challenge between the two men of Montenegro: Mirko Vucinic and Stevan Jovetic. Bianconero Phenomenon all over genius and recklessness against the unfortunate little genius (because of injuries) that must still prove himself. They play together in the national and compensate, as well as understanding each other at a glance. Saturday will be great opponents and will challenge until the end.

Juventus began it’s “Montenegrin” adventure last year with Mirko Vucinic but decided to continue on the road. In the winter market has ‘in fact arrived Hasan Pepic, winger of attack precisely Montenegrin, class of 1993. The most malicious thought: Montenegrin yesterday, Montenegrin today, and tomorrow? Who knows … Juventus thinks about Jovetic, thought about him and will keep think about him.

Relations with the Fiorentina are not good, but who knows, thirty millions of good reasons can change the minds also to greatest enemy. Was this the assessment of Stevan Jovetic, perhaps lowering by inserting a player. In any case, every speech is ‘too early, there is still a long time, but above all a challenge on Saturday to be experienced.