MOENA, July 19, 2012 – Now it’s only up to Jovetic. It’s his turn to come out and finally say what he wants to do, stay or go. Vincenzo Montella pushes his striker to clarify his thoughts. “We want to keep him and we have said many times, we want that he remains and I hope to be so. Never to Juve? If I have to say to make the Florentines fans happy then I say it. Now, however, must be also Stevan to do his assessments, to choose. ” 
In short, the Montenegrin who so far has remained silent and even yesterday ripped applauses scoring two goals in the training match will have as soon as possible to tell what intends to do: it is an invitation-advice of his coach. One reason for this uncertainty, this constant barrage threatens to weigh not only the player but also all  the viola environment. “Let me be clear, this is today’s football and you have to get used and not be conditioned” – warns  the viola technician who then says: “With Jovetic I spoke on the first day to know his intentions but is still among us. If now is more motivated or more thoughtful? Both and I find it normal given the situation. However he has been training well, with commitment. ” 

Montella is ready to fight for his stay and it is possible that for the first season friendly in Moena with the local formation of Pale Mountains will give him the armband, “Stevan is an extraordinary player that every technician would like to have, I am happy to train him but since Fiorentina has the need to restart, to recover and regain enthusiasm, the fans have more need than ever of motivated people and happy to wear the viola shirt. “ Clear concept: If Jo-jo decides to stay must be convinced, not live it as an imposition. But if in the end would leave? “Then – Montella smiles – I will start trainning and I am going to play.” 

source: Tuttosport (by Brunella Ciullini)

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