Fabio Montecalvo, President of the “World Football Management” and “FM Communication”, told “calcionews24.com”, the reason for the divorce between Juventus and American Nike, replaced, from 2015 to 2016, from the European Adidas :

“Being a club built in the style” Made in Euope”, Juventus wanted to be compared to the standards of the major European competitors, which receive sponsorship contributions significantly more elevated compared to the Italian club.
Nike probably would not have married this “upwards” business-planning. The Adidas brand, it must be remembered, is also the main sponsor of AC Milan, who wishes to state its leadership on earnings, confirming rumors of a red and black boxes within the annual input of approximately 35 million Euros.
But the contract that AC Milan has signed with Adidas however is variable depending on the sports results, even if the details we do not know. So, on paper, the Rossoneri would earn more than the Bianconeri, but we must also evaluate the sports results.”