The Warrior "King" Arturo never stops! Forza Juve!
The Warrior “King” Arturo never stops! Forza Juve!

We have said in recent days that Juventus must absolutely recover their Warrior to come out unscathed from the game of Monte Carlo and he will be there in the field, a tonsillitis can not put KO the best midfielder of Juventus at this time, a player who is slowly returning to his levels and game after game is making a big contribution both in terms of quantity and quality.

Therefore Vidal tonight will be in his place and will try to lead the midfield along with the other bishops as Marchisio, Pirlo and possibly Pereyra for a game that will prove surely a fight with ardor. Moreover Vidal is one that when it comes to leaving the fencing for a heavier weapon surely does not have to be asked twice and tonight we will see him both during containment and in the recovery phase eventually ready to go even in attack maybe to replicate that goal from in the first leg which almost made him stay with tears in his eyes.

A liberator goal after too much time, after much difficulty he had, some ungenerous criticism and also of course some minor physical problem but now Vidal is now at 100%, wants to continue to grow and especially wants to give to his people, which of course is Juventus, a great satisfaction, a European semi-final in a long time.

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