22/04/2015 - Champions League / Monaco-Juventus / foto Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport ©Foto www.imagephotoagency.it
22/04/2015 – Champions League / Monaco-Juventus / foto Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport ©Foto www.imagephotoagency.it

Sometimes you can make a thousand philosophical and tactical speeches like Sacchi, dozens of analysis of an armchair on the game, talk about the right module on paper, and so on. Things which, of course, no Italian fan escapes being known as a nation of coaches, sports directors and philosophers.

Sometimes, however, as explained yesterday by Allegri, only those who are with the team 24/7 knows the real conditions and can judge how really have given the players and in the face of such sacrifices and difficulties. What we did not know while Tevez played one of the worst games in black and white (emphasized by Piccinini was not even the last of assholes), for example, is that up to 2 hours before the game was in strong doubt for a virus that in the last two days had forced him to vomit over and over again. What we did not know while Morata did not play as usual, is that he was ill and in fact, once replaced, vomited his live out of him on live television, sitting on the bench (I avoid the Vine because I care for you). We knew yes that Vidal who was with 40 of fever until the day before, but before kick off we have forgotten and started criticizing at the first wrong pass (we are fans, emotional: beeing the coach is the exact opposite, needs patience. It’s not for everyone). We knew well Pirlo’s not 100% yet. And who knows how were the others!

And for this, it has been explained by the same Allegri after the game, that:

1) To claim EVEN to play well the game from Juve, last night, it was really unforgiving.
2) The 352 with three defenders to protect a midfield placed badly and an attack almost null, was the most pragmatic solution, less spectacular yet more profitable to bring home the result, even WITHOUT playing well.
3) Monaco had to play the game and made one shot on goal.

That said, you can safely continue to denigrate the game of Juve (which was not brilliant, but that’s not the point), one can speak of a lack of personality, desire, balls, of technique, of ambitions, arbitrage , etcetera. Meanwhile, however, we are in the semi-finals and we won the qualifier away against a team that – unlike the beakfuls of Piccinini – ran more than us, has not saved at all and played much more charged with nothing to lose.

Allegri is not Lippi, is not a hero, not even Klopp which remains true to himself, he gets compliments and exits. Allegri has the weakest team of the first four, but we brought in the top four, ass or no ass, draw or not draw.

Who now criticizes with a snotty nose like Sacchi, would be ready to accept and put aside even a 0-3. If it would have been an aesthetic and of abstract personality and not of results, the latter are not necessarily the consequence of the former. Otherwise, if they were, we would not be celebrating today.

adapted an article by Anotnio Corsa @ juventibus.com