Now the time has come to stop tell us about it, to stop talking about the derby, the game and the jokes of Agnelli, goals last second and the heart of Juve, the game in Florence, the famous 4 to 2, the module used and Bonucci in shape, the boiled Evra and the good Coman, the three point distance maintained and Roma who steals; all this and all the other things that happened since it finished the last round of the Champions count for nothing and nothing had value except the game with Atletico.

We talked about the many beautiful stories to pass the time that flowed, we filled the ears of noises and screams for help but feel; it was like to have the blank stare, read a magazine, tapping his knuckles on the table, eat chocolate, drink coffee with a friend, watching tele, transplanting plants, assemble the pieces of puzzle … all we have done for avoid hearing the tune that we all feel, perceive, feel vibrate in the air, feel deep into our souls, but we carefully avoided listening directly to avoid the anxiety of waiting to die, but that nonetheless, few once, when we were in absolute silence, we have heard; is the tune that plays in one of the most beautiful scenes of world cinema: the final duel in the film by Sergio Leone “the good, the bad and the ugly.”

From the second goal against Malmo and the simultaneous victory Atletico on Olimpiacos, the music began to play, with its alternation of low and high, with the chimes, the trumpet, those eyes and those hands, everything stopped and everything in motion; we live in that condition since the time and Tuesday night and it’s time to pull the gun to see if we will live or die, because not to participate in the final stage of Champions is life or death. Winning the Champions League is whether it is the best, reaching the final stage is whether it exists or it is nothing. If we leave the Champions will be silence, a silence among the thousands of screams and thunderous critics but will silence.

We must return to “BE” and the rest counts for nothing, nothing, nothing at all. That flat face, made of leather, with those traits strong, not ugly and not beautiful it knows’ and all this is from the second goal in Malmo that continues to look around and wait for the right moment to pull the gun, is waiting for the music ends and now approaching Tuesday there is a crescendo of rhythm and music becomes pure emotion … the face is that of Allegri and we hope resembles that of Clint Eastwood and not to that of Lee Van Cleef.

adapted in English an article of Nino Bizzintino for