Luciano Moggi

Complicated Matches

We come into the league. More and more Juventus and Napoli, especially after the results of the fourth round of return. Curiously, on this round it was rumored that Napoli, playing before Juve, would put pressure on Juventus if they win against Catania. Napoli have won but Juve has not been impressed at all in fact was a stimulus to go into the field, with the air of a great team that wants to win at all costs and is successful.

Twist of fate in this 5 th of return are reversed factors, according to a mathematical rule the product should not change, but in football … Juve is in fact committed at home in the anticipation at 18 with Fiorentina and Napoli, always in anticipation , at 20.45, at Rome against Lazio. Two meetings are admittedly difficult for both, Fiorentina going to Turin stronger with a clear victory against Parma but especially of the beautiful game found, will have its one stimulus also because of bad relationships that still exist between the two companies, perhaps more accessible to the Naples meeting with Lazio because the Roman team will miss Klose and could have Hernanes through service (with protective helmet). The replacement of the German could be the newcomer Saha, released, arrived from Sunderland.

Source: Libero (article by Luciano Moggi)